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KeyLock Solutions provides cloud based software tools for appraisers, users of appraisal data and consumers of appraisal data. To that end it is our goal to ensure quality service, products and security to our Clients.

All users of KeyLock Solutions branded software and tools agree to the following:

  1. Tools must not be used to intentionally mislead or deceive others.
  2. Tools must be used in accordance within the bounds of the Best Practices and Ethics of their profession.
  3. Tools are purchased on a per user basis and users may not allow those who are not KeyLock Clients access to the system. KeyLock Solutions is a pay-for-service provider and to that end all users agree that the system may be accessed only by persons or entities who have an active account with KeyLock Solutions.


  • KeyLock Solutions is a professional organization managed and developed by parties to whom security of data and confidentiality are paramount. KeyLock Solutions promises that:

    1. All data stored in KeyLock Solutions applications will be treated only as is allowed by this User Agreement.
    2. Unless otherwise arranged KeyLock Solutions takes no ownership of data that has not been purchased by KeyLock Solutions or has been developed by KeyLock Solutions staff.
    3. KeyLock Solutions will make every reasonable effort to ensure the security of the data stored in our systems. Each user has access to their data and the data that they are allowed to access by their Organization; access to these data points is restricted to users that are allowed access by the Organization’s Administrator. KeyLock Solutions has no responsibility for breach of data allowed by persons within a Client’s Organization.


    KeyLock Solutions intends to be a long term provider of services. It is our hope that you as a user will be a long term client. KeyLock Solutions wishes to illustrate several points to our users:

    1. Terms of this User Agreement may be changed at any time. A current User Agreement will be available via No advance notice of changes or amendments will be made and it is the responsibility of the User to make him/herself aware of any changes.
    2. Changes and updates to software may be made at any time and without advice or consent. KeyLock Solutions will make every effort to ensure that updates, changes, additions or deletions of functions or features will occur at times that will not adversely affect general business practices. User Guides will be updated prior to any changes to the software and will be available via
    3. Fraudulent, misleading, illegal or unprofessional conduct on the part of any user will result in the user’s removal from the system. Billing is made on a monthly basis and billing will not be prorated.


    The data that a user maintains inside KeyLock Solutions applications is wholly owned by the user who input it. The user’s data is private and cannot be shared with other users of the system unless the user’s Administrator allows it or unless agreement to do so is made between the User and KeyLock Solutions.

    KeyLock Solutions may seek access to or purchase of a user’s data for various purposes. In these instances KeyLock Solutions will contact the owner of the data directly and discuss the possibility of its use. Terms of such agreements are private and will not be shared with other users.


    KeyLock Solutions provides two options for the extraction of data from our system. Data may be extracted as PDF or Excel files. If a user chooses to leave Keylock Solutions it is his/her responsibility to export his/her data using one of the two available options. If a user is removed from the system for other reasons, including violation of this agreement, non-payment or other, it is the user’s responsibility to export their data using one of the two available options. Each user will have at least one week to remove the data from the system after which time the user’s ID and login credentials will be revoked and the user will no longer have access the system. In the event that the database is discontinued, all users will be given a proper notice, and each user will be responsible to extract their data using one of the methods afore mentioned. Keylock Solutions will bear no liability for the discontinuation of any services provided.


    Users will be terminated for non-payment. The user will have at least one week to remove data from the KeyLock Solutions system upon termination. Notice will be sent via email to the address provided by the user at signup.

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